10sided dice

10 sided dice (d10s)

Overview of Focus System:

The basic principle of this system is that you have a pool of 10 sided ‘Focus’ dice which allow you to perform (focus upon) actions. As a default, at any given stage you have 7 focus dice to spend as you wish but the amount at your disposal may change due to circumstances.

The player rolls the number of dice they wish to spend or as many are as appropriate to the check and successes are based upon whether or not each dice achieves a target number. Any which achieve the success are added to your total successes. This total number is noted as X.

The target number is usually 11 for active checks and 6 for passive checks. However, for active checks this is modified by having relevant abilities and skills. Obviously achieving 11 is impossible on a d10, therefore 10s are always regarded as successes and 1s are always regarded as failures regardless of the target number. In practice most people don’t have 0 abilities or 0 skills and so the target number is never normally 11. The amount of abilities and skills modifies this target number downwards.

So for example, a person firing a gun may need to achieve 8s. They decide to roll 6 of their potential 7 dice. They achieve: 8,7,7,4,3,2. This means that they achieved 1 success or 1X. This means that they fire their gun successfully, but with only one success they may not hit (as their target might dodge the shot) and the damage the weapon deals won’t be increased.

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