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A site devoted to a home-made system running in the Firefly/Serenity verse.

This is a site detailing the rules and settings for the games.


Firefly Focus is a home-brew/made system for a pen-and-paper role playing game. As it is based upon the TV programme Firefly and the film Serenity it is worth watching those to understand what the setting of the game is. Other points of interest are the Firefly Wiki.

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    New page: Armour: Armour reduces the damage done by any attack by the value that the armour is. This occurs before you subtract vitality points. So if you have...
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    New page: Games MasterEdit The Games Master, usually noted as GM, is the one who runs the game. This is the person who decides the rules and the outcomes of...
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    New page: Fumbles Fumbles occur when the player’s roll has more 1s than successes. They are always a failure and usually result in additional negative...
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    New page: Skills These represent the learned skills of a character. They mostly refer to specific things which the character can or cannot do and some things...
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    New page: Passive checks These usually represent the character’s basic ability to do something without really being focussed on it or in reaction to something....
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    New page: Abilities These represent the core of the character. They can be improved over time but in essence they define what their capabilities and...
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    New page: Overview of Focus System:Edit The basic principle of this system is that you have a pool of 10 sided ‘Focus’ dice which allow you to perform (focus...
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