Fumbles occur when the player’s roll has more 1s than successes. They are always a failure and usually result in additional negative consequences at the GM’s discretion. See the fumble tables to see what sort of result you can expect from a fumble. Bear in mind that this table is by no means exhaustive and the GM (and even players) can use these as unexpected opportunities to be creative. For example, a shoot-out on a ship may suddenly take a turn for the worse when a fumbled shot results in someone punching a hole in the hull and the ship begins to decompress (endangering both foe and friendly alike). A fumbled social check may result in the character inadvertently insulting the head honcho in the area. A fumbled navigation check could result in the ship finding itself deep in Reaver territory. As a general rule, when rolling checks to determine the outcome of the fumble, ones are bad and tens are good.

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